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VCON 36 (2011) Hospitality Review

by Naomi Ben-Yehuda

My first year as Hospitality Coordinator for VCON went pretty well, it seems.

Before the con, people on ConCom as well as a few volunteers prepared food for us: the pasta and sauces, two kinds of chili, one veggie soup, and the chicken we had for lunches and sandwiches. Our entrepid ex–Coordinator Susan Walsh did a huge amount of shopping for chips, fruit, rolls, and other supplies.

On Thursday night before the con, a handful of people came in to unpack the boxes brought over from the storage unit. We even had a full-sized fridge, which was fantastic! Everyone worked hard to get things put into cupboards and to arrange the tables and coffeemakers—we all knew the coffeemakers would need to be up and running before anything else.

From Friday around 2 PM to Monday morning around 4 AM, I tried to make sure that food and drink were available for all attendees. People came by and had soup, sandwiches, veggies, French toast, chips, soda, juice and coffee—lots of coffee!

Saturday, we featured a cookie contest: our 3 contestants fed a lot of people deliciously different entries (oatmeal chocolate chip, brownie banana chip, chocolate no-bake coconut creations). In the end, Josette Kernaghan had the most "Best in Show" votes.

Sunday, we featured the C&C Cakery goodies! Holy cow, their cupcakes and other amazing desserts were beautiful as well as tasty! They sold out much faster than they expected, and I'm pretty sure they'll be back next year, armed with more cupcakes. They donated our prizes for the cookie contest, and we're glad they were able to join us.

I have to say, our volunteers this year were great. From our loyal bartenders, to the trio of high school boys, to our first–time volunteering college students serving hot food, to the ConCom pitch–hitters: it was so nice to have everyone's help as I limped around the 2nd floor.

I think everyone else appreciated them, as well. Happiness was expressed over the food, service, and atmosphere of the Hospitality Suite through donations. Thank you all so much: the donations covered almost all of our costs, which is what we need. Through your feedback, we can continue to make the Hospitality Suite a vital and memorable part of your convention experience.

If you have any ideas about the Hospitality Suite throughout the year, email me at and I'll be happy to talk with you!