About Us

About VCON

VCON is a weekend-long combination of playing, learning, brainstorming, and partying.

We don't limit ourselves to one area of science fiction and fantasy experience. We celebrate the whole spectrum, which includes:

  • literature and writing
  • art
  • movies and TV
  • models and collectables
  • gaming (video games, cards, board games, role playing)
  • cosplay
  • comics & graphic novels
  • music
  • history and trivia
  • astronomy, space programs past and present, unusual science

We also like to explore the glue that holds it all together: us. Not just VCON (although we’d like to think we do our share) but all those with an interest for what lies beyond the status quo of reality.

The first VCON was held April 9-10, 1971 at the Hotel Georgia in Vancouver. The Guest of Honour was Ursula K. Le Guin. VCON 1 was sponsored by the University of British Columbia's Science Fiction Society, the BC Science Fiction Association (an offshoot of the UBC club that had just formed in 1970) and the Simon Fraser University Science Fiction Society (SF3).

VCON's is organized by the non-profit association West Coast Science Fiction Association(WCSFA). WCSFA and its predecessors have sponsored many fan events since 1971. VCON has also served as the home to Canvention, which annually distributes the Aurora Awards - which are awarded for writing, art and activities in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Previous VCON Author Guests of Honour include:

Robert Bloch, Ben BovaHal ClementPhilip K. DickDave DuncanWilliam GibsonFrank HerbertLarry NivenFrederik PohlSamuel R. DelanySpider RobinsonBob ShawRobert SilverbergAE Van VogtJack Vance, Roger Zelazny...

...and so on.

We’ve been sharing the fantastic love for over forty years, and intend to continue for forty more!


About the West Coast Science Fiction Association

The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and understanding of science fiction and fantasy fan culture in Vancouver, BC and its environs. WCSFA combines education and entertainment in the events it sponsors, most notably VCON.

WCSFA was incorporated as a legally registered society in the province of British Columbia January 26th, 1993. It replaced WCSFCCA (the Western Canadian Science Fiction Convention Committee Association), which had fulfilled the same function for the previous 10 years.

All members of the most recent and upcoming VCONs and of the British Columbia Science Fiction Association (BCSFA) are automatically members of WCSFA.