Policies & FAQ

Policy On Competing Businesses and Organizations

VCON works with many different people from many different industries and organizations. Sometimes, that will mean competitors who share the same industry will be at VCON.

We think this is okay. Competition in the marketplace is a sign of a healthy industry. As the organizers of VCON, it is not our place to judge whether one company is more deserving of being at VCON than another. We will not bar a business, organization or entity from VCON on the sole basis that it is an existing partner’s competitor.

No one would show up at a boating industry tradeshow expecting to be the only person selling boats. As our industry matures, conventions and tradeshows will inevitably attract the attention of businesses, some of them new entrants, some of them old hands. Activision-Blizzard and Ubisoft both attend E3 and Pax, despite their status as competitors. They are cordial, professional and able to attend the same event as one another without acrimony. Please understand that is true of every area of business and is simply the reality of a growing market.

VCON is an opportunity to participate in that market and to be visible towards fans, and to help the market continue to grow in a community-positive fashion.

If you have specific trouble with an organization, we can try to minimize your interactions with them. As competitors, it is inevitable that you will not always see eye to eye and may end up on unfriendly terms. Asking us to bar other companies from our event, or to restrict or sanction them in some fashion, is asking us not to grow, and it is asking us to take sides in a private dispute. Our mission is to spread the fandom to as many as we can, and to ensure our attendees have a good time.

As our convention is a general interest convention, we introduce many new people, every year, to new aspects of fandom. Whether it’s SF fans discovering board games for the first time, or gamers learning about new series and fascinating authors, our event only strengthens, bolsters and grows the fandom.

If our Convention didn’t run, there would be less geeks, less excitement, less chance for new friends and rediscovering a passion for fandom. We believe that we’ve worked tirelessly to advance that fandom since 1971, and helped to legitimize the interest of geeks everywhere. A massive industry has cropped up over that time because there are more of us than ever now and the industry can support multiple stores, developers, businesses, other conventions, organizations and groups as the market has grown. We hope you can understand our perspective and support our work in the community. Many publishers, clothing vendors and others have been able to co-exist within VCON, and we hope you can too.

We never play favourites, and if you have some function you’d like to be involved in with in regards to VCON, please contact us. Understand that we’re limited by space, time and interest levels, so some organizations may already have made arrangements with us that fill up our allotment for your desired activity. Engage with us early in the year.

Lastly, we cannot address claims made about other organizations and their business practices outside of VCON. We recommend consulting with the BBB or the proper, legal authorities regarding issues that have nothing to do with our organization.