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VCON, the Lower Mainland's annual science-fiction and fantasy convention, sets out a buffet banquet of today's most dynamic pop-culture art forms. This year the focus is on "Visions of the Future" - how science fiction has imagined our tomorrow from the past to the present.

2012 marks the 41st year since VCON 1 was held in 1971 and VCON continues to bring together writers, artists, game designers and media personalities with the fan community in a non-profit event organized for and by the fans themselves.

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VCON 37 Guests of Honour

Running from Sep. 28-30, 2012, at the Sheraton  Vancouver Guildford Hotel in Surrey, B.C., VCON 37 welcomes its Guests of Honour:

Connie Willis — Author Guest of Honour
Our Author Guest of Honour represents the literary side of VCON, and will participate in programming that includes a multi-author book launch, writing workshops, and a selection of panel discussions.
James Ng — Artist Guest of Honour
Our Artist Guest of Honour is the featured visual artist and he will be among those displaying their work at the VCON Art Show. Other events include an art auction (on Sunday, Sep. 30th), the participatory "Pencils at High Noon" and a working artists alley.
Dr. Gregory Benford — Science Guest of Honour
Our Science Guest of Honour brings a view of the physical universe, sharing the realities upon which science fiction is based. The Science GoH will participate in discussion panels on a variety of subjects.

Our Guests of Honour and diverse participants
offer many opportunities for interviews and other coverage.

For any articles about VCON, interviews, radio or TV appearances, please contact our Media Relations team at med{click-to-expand}

You may also refer to the Electronic Media Kit below for more information.


Press Releases

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Media Guidelines

Media Representatives

We would like to encourage any Media Representative to join us at VCON, but in order to avoid any disapointment, please let us know that you'll be joining us. It will be our pleasure to make sure that your experience as Media Representative is "out of this world".

Upon arrival at the convention, Media Representatives are asked to check in at the Registration desk where they will be directed to the Media Relations Room. Media Liaison will then provided them a badge that will grant them access to the various convention venues and will make the necessary arrangements for interviews, coverage and photos. Media Representatives may be asked to present credentials before they are granted event access. They will be required to wear their badges at all times to ensure their access to convention spaces. The badges will include the name of both the representative and his or her organization as registered with the Media Liaison.

During the convention, Media Representatives will be expected to respect our guests, our members and our convention staff and volunteers by following our Convention Guidelines (which will be provided at check in). Representatives of the media who fail to follow these guidelines may have their media privileges revoked for the duration of the convention.


Prior to the event, interviews with guests and convention committee are possible. Please contact our Media Liaison who will provide the Press kit and information required and will make arrangements with the person of your interest.

During VCON, interview request for guests or convention committee members must be made through the Media Liaison, and it is strongly suggested to do so in advance. Where possible, we will do our best to facilitate media access to our Guests of Honour and Guests. However, our guests' commitments to their scheduled appearances at VCON take precedence over interview requests.

Please be aware that all members of the public attending VCON have the right to decline to be interviewed, recorded, filmed or have their picture taken. Media Representatives are responsible for obtaining the appropriate consent from all those involved.